Freedom Isn't Free...
In fact it’s a pretty expensive business & your support makes all the difference.

Why Support Voices For Freedom?

Voices for Freedom is not-for-profit grassroots movement of everyday Kiwis who are putting in their time, skills, and resources to defend our freedom. However, even with this generous support there are still hard costs required to keep the wheels of revolution turning.

So, if you value your freedom and you believe in what we’re doing to try and revive it, please consider supporting us.

How Your Support Helps Win Your Freedom Back:

  • $28 – Ensure our eye catching materials (like our Cash Is Cool cards) wing their way safely from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

  • $80 – Fund seven striking VFF/RCR fence signs that raise awareness & spark courageous conversation.

  • $160 – Create incredible radio interviews with local and international experts.

  • $400 – Support our legal team to continue challenging the globalist agendas impacting NZ’s culture and governance.

  • $800 – Bolster the technical infrastructure that keeps VFF & RCR going.

  • $1200 – Sponsor a VFF or RCR team member behind the scenes or support our work to beat censorship using old-school marketing such as flyers and billboards.

  • $2500 + – Contact us ([email protected]) about contributing towards larger scale projects including legal action.